Michael Rees

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Abject Weather, Um and Ah, clown’s mouth, yes and no

2016, plastic, glass, aluminum, augmented reality application, 12x12x33"

Bitter Pill and Landscape Cube, Wrestlers1, Mathematical Pony2

2016, plastic, glass, archival inkjet print, augmented reality application. 2016. 1 Hercules and Antaneus, Lucas Cranach the Elder, 1530. 2 the photo texture of the pony is a sculpture made by Michelle Ray, 12x12x33”

Vanitas: Matrix (barrel suit1, multicolor boot),

2016, steel, abs plastic, wire, archival inket print, augmented reality application. 2016. 1Unknown photograph of man in a barell suit, internet download, 18x18x72”

New Yup And Fanned Scapula

aluminum, glass, plexiglass, 16"x16"x29"

Rough Shape and Liminal

aluminum, glass, plexiglass, 16"x16"x27"

Long Shoe, String Thing, Clown House

aluminum, glass, plexiglass, 12"x12"x34"

Um and Ah (the original string thing) with Abject Weather

aluminum, glass, plexiglass, 12"x12"x32"

Abject Weather With Clown House and Kitty Ball

2016, steel, marble, archival inkjet print, augmented reality application, 38x38x72”